It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

I’ve never run a marathon but I have run a lot of half marathons. There’s nothing like the feeling of crossing the finish line. The feeling of accomplishing something that you have worked hard and trained for. By consistently doing what is required, you will reach your goal. I’m not talking about elite athletes, I am talking about people like you and me – people who just live every day lives, and use running as a way of being healthy.

When I run I am only competing against myself. With each race I strive to do my personal best. I am always trying to improve my finish time. But what is even more important to me, and what I look forward to the most, is just crossing the finish line. It’s my moment when I take it all in. I’m happy and grateful that I was able to do it again. My confidence soars knowing that I have have achieved what I set out to accomplish.

You often hear the term, “It’s a marathon; not a sprint.” A sprint is when you run as fast as you can for a short distance. Most people can do this, but they quickly run out of breath and stamina. Longer distances, like a marathon or half-marathon require planning, effort and training. Commitment and consistency are keys to unlock one’s potential and build momentum.

You may start out by just making it to the end of the block; tomorrow, you go back out and do it again. Over time, you are able to gradually increase your mileage and edurance until you get to the distance you want to maintain. With your goal in mind, you get up every day and put the work in.

The way to accomplish anything is to just start small. By that I mean, that when we look at our goals, like decluttering our house, we are overwhelmed by it all. Once you have had enough of your messy house, and you are committed to getting your house in order, you decide that you have to get it done as if you were running a sprint. You look around and start getting rid of some things, jumping from room to room, and trying to get it all done in a hurry. Then, guess what? You run out of steam. It seems to be too much and you are back in “Overwhelm.” You wonder how are you ever going to get it all done?

You have to think about decluttering like a long distance runner thinks about training for a marathon. You need a goal and a plan of action, and every week, you follow your plan. One week at a time, you make progress. First you have decluttered and organized a drawer, or a closet. Then, it’s an entire room. Over time, with your new found positive attitude, confidence and a consistent approach, you will have reached your goal of a decluttered and organized home. Take your time, slow down, and you will reach your goal.