Look What I Found & How Easily I Shared My Photos With Forever

Another FOREVER Moment

I was working in my office and my husband came in with an old digital camera that he had just found. We started looking at the photos in the camera, and then I asked him to take out the SD Card. I put the SD card into the slot in my laptop and in a couple of minutes, all of the photos were uploaded to my FOREVER account.


I know there are no duplicates because I have “Prevent Duplicate Uploads” set in my account. The photos we found were from a family vacation we had taken to Disney World in 2013 with my adult children and grandchildren.


Once they were uploaded, I ordered them in FOREVER by “Upload Date -Newest First.” I clicked on the first photo, then held down the shift key and clicked on the last one, and then clicked on “Add to Album.”  It came up to create a new album, and I titled it  “Found Photos” with the date I found them. (The date taken is already there).  Later I will sort, tag, and organize them better, but for now, we just wanted to see them again. 


From the album, I clicked on share album and I was able to copy the link to send my husband an email to view the photos from his own device.


Then, I took my time and looked through the photos in my account. As I was doing so, I found a couple of them that I thought my adult kids would like, and shared those individual photos with them. 

If you have photos that are on hard drives, thumb drives, SD Cards, etc. you can bring them to life again to enjoy and share with others.