Our Packages/

Decluttering Packages

3 hr session – $169
6 hr session
– $325

Fast Track – 3 days (6 hr days) – Best if done three days in a row, but can be in a week. I have found that 6 hrs is the maximum time most people can work Includes two weeks of follow-up coaching/mentoring to help you stay on track. Set aside three days and give yourself the gift of organizing. You are worth it! It will be like a working vacation, and in the process of the work you will be relieving stress – the stress that has a hold on you, caused by disorganization and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed! 

Photo Organizing Packages 

3 hr session – $169
6 hr session – $325

We can help you not only get photos organized but your important documents too because they should be in a private and secure location.  If you choose to use Forever – it’s the best place to store and organize your photos and documents.

It’s user-friendly and safe and once they are in Forever, you never have to worry about the format changing ( like jpg, etc.) because it is included that Forever will upgrade whenever it changes.

Virtual Organizing & Productivity Coaching

Decluttering, Photo Organizing, and ADHD/Productivity Coaching can all be done virtually

$299 a month for a 4 week month with a 3-month minimum. 

This is only $75 a week to have me by your side almost 24/7 to help you accomplish your goals. When there is a 5th week, we can communicate via text only, or you can pay an additional $60.00.