NEW SERVICE: Virtual Organizing!

Are you allowing clutter and disorganization to take control of your life? Do you avoid inviting people to your home because of that embarrassing mess in your living room? Just feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Take a deep breath and relax — Organized Enough is here to help!

Too often we allow ourselves to be weighed down by disorganization and clutter. There’s no size mess too big or small for us.

From kitchens to closets and everything in between, we are ready to tackle any room, big or small! Discover key time management strategies, organizational systems, and healthy, proactive routines to keep the clutter away!

How Virtual Organizing Works

I am virtually by your side using the video conferencing solution that makes the most sense for you. Currently, I am using Duo, Zoom, Facetime, and am open to using another method that suits you.

I’ll help you declutter your space just as I would if I came to your house. You’ll share with me the area you want to focus on and I’ll guide you through the process.

I’ll ask questions to help determine what you want to keep and items you can get rid of. Then I’ll help you make the decision as to what to keep, donate, throw away, etc.

This requires that you do the physical work necessary to sort the items and clear the area. If you cannot do the physical work, you may need to have someone else there who can help you move things around. We can discuss options during the assessment.