Boo! What Frightful Sights are in Your Closet?

What Frightful Sights Are in Your Closet?
What Monsters Are Under Your Bed?
What is Lurking Behind that Door?

Well it’s Halloween… And it’s ok being scared, right?!  It depends. When we watch scary movies, dress in scary costumes and sometimes jump out from behind a tree, it’s all in fun. But for those of us who are overwhelmed with clutter, our worst fears and nightmares of a disorganized lifestyle may remain and hurt us for many Halloweens to come. And that’s no way to live! So where do you start?  First, you’ve got to be un-scared. Then, do this…


  1. Empty the Space.To de-clutter any room or area it is best to take everything out. Anything short of this promotes rearranging the stuff you need to consider keeping or getting rid of.
  2. Sort Everything into Categories.Once you do this, you will see exactly what you have, and how many of each item you have.
  3. Think About Each Item… Then Decide and Act!Sort your stuff into containers, bins and/or boxes. Label them: “Keep” • “Donate” • “Belongs in Another Room” • “Recycle” and of course, “Trash”.  You may consider a box labeled “Selling” for some items, but only if you are sure you have the time and energy to do so.
  4. Stay in One Room.When de-cluttering a room, we are often tempted to take belonging to another room or place in your home. Here’s where the “Belongs in Another Room” container is so important.  Just put your keepsakes in the box and move after you have finished the room you are in.  Mark my words; if you leave the room you are working on, you run the risk of being distracted by something else to attend to.
  5. It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better. When you take belongings to “Room #2”, indeed you are adding items that may contribute to clutter for Room #2. No problem. When you de-clutter Room #2, there will be more space for the item(s) you just brought there.
  6. Handling the Difficulty Making Decisions.Ask yourself if you love it, or need it. If you need it, keep it.  If you love it, then find a place to display and enjoy it.  And guess what, if you neither love or need it, get rid of it! You can also thank it for “serving” you so well for all these years.
  7. Suffering from the “Paralysis of Overwhelm”If you can’t get started, do a simple “pre-sort.” Just separate into the “keep it” pile or the “toss it” pile.  It will then be easier to do a second sort, using the bins and boxes suggested in step 3. If you need help, I’m here for you… you know I am a Certified Professional Organizer and a 14 year member of the National Association of Professional Organizers… Plus, I’m really good at it! (my contact information is below).
  8. Put Back the “Keeps”
    What you use the most, should be easy to get to and closest to where you use it.
    b.What you use less frequently, can be stored close enough so that you can get to it when you need it.
    c.What you hardly ever use, should be stored far away. Papers can be put in archive, and other items can go into the basement or other storage area.
  9. Put Your “Donates” in Your Car.Put a box or bag on the passenger seat, so you are constantly reminded to drop it off at the donation center.

Maintain a Better Lifestyle.  So you might say this is the final step. Congratulations!  Indeed this is momentous; it’s your greatest bold step towards personal freedom. Organizing is an ongoing process. Following up by training your mind to stay on this course is key so you don’t slip back into a clutter mentality.  Please ask me about my “Come On In” program that will really set you free.  (Hint: It’s all about celebrating your triumphs with others!)