Organized Enough LLC® offers professional Virtual & In-Person Photo Organizing Services.

Our personalized and professional services are tailored to meet you right where you are, and when it’s best for you… either in-person or virtually!

FOREVER® isn’t like other photo storage services. We’re focused on providing you with a permanent digital home that will last for generations. It’s like insurance for your photos.™

My Qualifications

A little about my qualifications:  I am located in The Villages in Florida, and have been in the organizing business for 20 years, and am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Specialist. This is an association that requires certain standards in the organizing field of work, as well as continuing education to help us help our clients in the best way possible. I have attained a Certified Professional Organizer status, which requires a lot of hours in the field as well as a competency test. I am also a certified ADHD Coach, and have a BA Degree in Communications with a Psychology minor.

My Approach

My process is based on an understanding that people who are disorganized have great personalities and a lot of gifts. The problem is that we can’t live in chaos, but we don’t want to be as organized as the perfectly organized people, who keep telling us we should do it their way. I say “we” because I used to be disorganized and figured out ways to be “organized enough.”  We can get our lives under control, find things, be on time, and have all of our photo memories organized – because we are “visual” people. 

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Collect photos, documents, videos & audio files

  • Fast upload speeds
  • Back-Up and Auto-Sync from your phone & Facebook
  • Scan and convert old photos with FOREVER® Services
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Curate with bulk organizing features

  • Organize into albums with easy-to-use permissions
  • Add tags to remember events and special occasions
  • Tell the story with descriptions, titles, and dates
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Celebrate and enjoy your memories

  • One-click sharing for everything
  • Invite Friends & Family to join you for easy access
  • Create & print beautiful photo books in minutes

Let us help you get your photos organized!

Allow Organized Enough LLC® to help you transition your photo memories from disorganized chaos into lasting memories to share with loved ones for years to come! We make photo organizing fun, easy, and accessible!  For more information or to contact Kathy directly, please call or text her at (717) 872-7424.