Organized Enough LLC® offers professional Virtual Photo Organizing and virtual Organizing & Productivity Coaching services in Lancaster, PA.

Our personalized and non-judgemental services are tailored to meet you right where you are, and when it’s best for you… virtually!

We’re Working Hard To Provide Virtual Services For You!

Who could’ve predicted a pandemic to hit in early 2020? It looked like such a promising year for so many. Here at Organized Enough, we were focusing on offering new services and streamlining our on-site decluttering and organization services.


When it became apparent that we wouldn’t be able to continue to go into people’s homes and physically help them get organized, we began thinking about the next few months and creating ongoing services that allow us to continue to serve our clients, while keeping ourselves and our clients safe.


You’ve probably heard the term “pivot”… and maybe even too much of it lately. But it truly is the perfect description of what happens when a pandemic threatens everyone and most small businesses. In order to stay in business and to best serve our clients, we are pivoting.

We’re offering online Organizing & Productivity Coaching as well as Virtual Photo Organizing.

Our services might be delivered in a different way now, but we’re already experiencing excellent results with our Online Organizing & Productivity Coaching with a client who is happier with the Online Coaching, and prefers it to his in-person sessions in the past!


Please let us know what you need from us at Organized Enough and we’ll do our best to meet your needs! We appreciate everyone’s support as we take our hands-on and in-home business and provide our services online for you!

Welcome to Organized Enough. We hope you are enjoying this time to rest, reflect, and organize!

We are here to help and are excited to offer online virtual photo organizing events so you can finally get those photos out of the old boxes, your phone, or your computer and set them up for easy access and use!


Join me for our next Virtual event:

My Qualifications

A little about my qualifications:  I am located in Millersville, and have been in the organizing business for 20 years, and am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Specialist. This is an association that requires certain standards in the organizing field of work, as well as continuing education to help us help our clients in the best way possible. I have attained a Certified Professional Organizer status, which requires a lot of hours in the field as well as a competency test. I am also a certified ADHD Coach, and have a BA Degree in Communications with a Psychology minor.

My Approach

My process is based on an understanding that people who are disorganized have great personalities and a lot of gifts. The problem is that we can’t live in chaos, but we don’t want to be as organized as the perfectly organized people, who keep telling us we should do it their way. I say “we” because I used to be disorganized and figured out ways to be “organized enough.”  We can get our lives under control, find things, be on time, and yet still have things visible – because we are “visual” people. (out of sight, out of mind). 

Let us help you get organized... virtually!

Allow Organized Enough LLC® to help you transition your memories from chaos to calm! We make photo organizing fun, easy, and accessible online!  For more information or to contact Kathy directly, please call or text her at (717) 872-7424.