Organized Enough- What’s behind the name!

So why the name, Organized Enough®?

It origin is based on my personal experiences, years of looking at clutter philosophically and an understanding that people who are disorganized need to give themselves a break! Disorganization and clutter are not totally of your making. It’s actually the way of the universe and this planet. It’s called ENTROPY! Definition: The lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

Another word for it is chaos. It’s a natural phenomenon that we must always stay ahead of. It’s up to us to balance they way it is with the way we want it to be. My clients are always striving to change. They don’t give up. Every day they start or at least think about starting and get overwhelmed. The difficulty, and at the same time, the solution, simultaneously exist when they have to approach it in a way that works for the way their brain works. Friends, relatives, and co-workers are the ones who make them feel like they have a problem. I want them to stop listening to these people, accept who they are, and do it in an organized enough way – and then do whatever it is that’s inside of them that can’t get out! Because… the clutter that’s holding them back… is gone!

And sometimes, we resist being as organized as the “perfectly organized people”… who keep telling us we should do it their way, perfectly! It’s probably our reaction to Mom or Dad telling us incessantly “to clean our room!” We don’t choose to procrastinate. The clutter is fighting us, and we are overwhelmed and can’t figure out how to fight back. Organized Enough is the answer.

You may have noticed that I’ve used the word “we” to express these moments. Well I’m coming clean… I’m coming out of the closet… of chaos! I am like you in many ways… let me count them. At least a half dozen starting with… I was once in your shoes. (The ones we don’t have room for in our closets). Bottom line, I used to be disorganized too! I was a closet perfectionist that never cleaned my closet!  So after quite a bit of soul searching, I wanted to feel better… no more being mad or disappointed with who I am. I figured out ways to be a little less than perfect. I even thought about 85%, and not 100%, being good enough.

Finally, after making the time to address this aspect of my life, I felt freer. My bold (de-cluttering) moves paid off big time. I was surprised about how positive my feelings were. I had a sense of freedom. I reveled in my actions that I was actually organized enough and ok with it. Imagine that. Now I could have friends and family over and be proud of my accomplished clean spaces. I was at home with my life being organized enough!

Here’s one other observation from this journey. We can get our lives under control, find things, be on time, and yet still have things visible and seemingly not in the perfect place. You know why? Because we are “visual” beings.

Paper clutter is an excellent example of allowing things to be visible within the confines of order. Putting “important” papers in a file cabinet? No way! Your fear is that you will never see it again if you put it away. It has to be out somewhere where you can find it, so you just lay that paper on your desk, and then another and then it becomes a pile and then 2, 3 and then 10 piles! The piles get bigger and bigger and then they get stacked upon one another… “to save space”. You know your important paper is in that pile over there, but it is hard to find. You may eventually find it, but you have lost a lot of valuable time and energy looking for it.

The Organized Enough approach is to use a vertical desktop action file.  This is the organized enough middle ground. Your files that you know you will need are on your desk, upright, in front of you, and your desktop is Organized Enough. This accomplishes your need to have your papers visible, as well as having an organized desk. Voila!

For you to be organized, I suggest you give up on trying to be perfectly organized, and try adopting an Organized Enough philosophy. Every single person I have ever helped overcome clutter has a great personality and a lot of gifts. Let’s focus on those attributes to drive your success in getting you feelings of freedom!

I have tips, tricks, and tools to help you in every room of your home. So if you or anyone you know would like a complimentary ½ hour assessment, please give me a call. I’ll get you/them Organized Enough!