Let Us Help You THRIVE In Your Space!/

In a world where help is literally at our fingertips… we want to provide services that meet you right where you are. That’s why we offer personalized online assistance.


Not only do we offer virtual organizing, but we also offer productivity coaching. How many times have you wished you could have a person right there in your ear, encouraging you when you’re looking to get organized?

We are inundated with distractions and it can be so hard to stay focused, organized, and accountable… we are your trusted partner ready to help.

Many of our clients have wondered why they can’t get anything done without us. That’s why we are offering our services whenever it’s best for you. Meet your coach online via FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever platform works best for you.

Choose a full one-hour session or two half-hour sessions a week to discuss what you want to accomplish, what is working and not working.


Recently Kathy was featured on “Ask The Expert” With Kelly Johnson of Kelly Johnson Photography. Enjoy this informative Q&A with Organized Enough’s own Kathy Schlegel. She explains exactly what it means to be “organized enough” (aka not for perfectionists!), why it’s important to be gentle with yourself during this time, and the benefits of the “s” word, SORTING!


Listening to this interview… you’ll begin to understand why you need to just START (our other favorite S word) and why Kathy is your organization partner. We’d love to help you meet your organization goals and YOU drive the process. You are in control and Kathy and her team help guide the activity. This is why Virtual Organizing is so effective, especially right now while we are all working from home.



Who Needs Virtual Organizing?

Mainly the people that need this the most are those that need to “get things done” so they can live the lives they want to. Organized Enough helps them get organized and stay orgranized.

What You Need To Know

People that aren’t organized aren’t living to their potential because they  have to manage their stuff and their time. We help by brainstorming what they want to do and how they can do it and then decide on actions they will do in the next week.

How Does It Work?

We help declutter both “stuff” and “photos” from anywhere. We can do everything virtually,  or it can be a follow up to on-site organizing. We’re available by text/phone/email if they you get stuck.