Pick a Date

Pick A Date to Get Organized 

Schedule it!

Pick the best days and times to work on de-cluttering, and put it on your calendar. 

De-cluttering will change your life, and you know it. Make it a priority until you get it done. This means you may have to consider saying “No” to other things. For example, don’t say “Yes” to people who are asking you to do things that others can do.  Look at your calendar and see if there is anything you can stop doing.

This is not forever, but it is worth giving up things for now. You can truly enjoy doing more things later when you know that when you leave your home, you will return to a house you love to come home to. 

Make a date with me… Get a free half hour planning session by phone or Face Time so that you can accomplish your organizing/de-cluttering goals.

Contact me at 717-872-7424 (cell/text) or Kathy@organizedenough.comto set up your free planning session, and let’s do this!