We'll Even Help Open & Organize Your Mail... We Get It!/

Are you allowing clutter and disorganization to take control of your life? Do you avoid inviting people to your home because of that embarrassing mess in your living room? Just feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Take a deep breath and relax — Organized Enough is here to help you with your decluttering worries!

Too often we allow ourselves to be weighed down by disorganization and clutter. There’s no size mess too big or small for us. From kitchens to closets and everything in between, we are ready to tackle any room, big or small! Discover key time management strategies, organizational systems and healthy, proactive routines to keep the clutter away!

Here's What It's Like/

What To Expect When We Arrive/

The Organizer will arrive at the scheduled time and have a quick planning session with you.

  • In the planning session, it will be determined what you want to work on in that session, based on what is most important to you. 
  • Choices have to be made as to what is most important to you and what can reasonably be accomplished during each organizing session.  This is done using our knowledge of the average time it takes to complete certain types of projects, and the speed at which you are able to make decisions about your items.  We ask you questions to help in the decision making, but we do not rush you. 
  • We mostly try to work in one area, and get that area completed, before moving to the next.
  •  We ask that you be available throughout the day to go through the items when the Organizer is ready for you to help you make decisions.  You can be somewhere else in the house while we are sorting, but able to respond when we need you. This means that you try not to take phone calls, or get involved in anything you cannot get away from quickly. 
  • If you have pets, we ask that you have them contained in another area, since we will be making frequent visits in and out to take your donated items to our cars, etc.

Our Process/

How We Work/

  • We first empty the space.  (This could be a box, an area of a room, a closet, etc.), and sort according to categories. You can be doing other things, while we are sorting.
  • When enough items have been sorted, the Organizer will work with you to help you decide what to keep donate, trash, etc. 
  •  The sorting process is very important, and a big part of why our process works, so we ask that the client trust the process.
  • The Organizer will place the items in the correct container (keep/donate/trash, etc.) You only need to make the decisions. 
  • We provide trash bags and boxes and bags for donation
  • Note that we keep up to date on what the local charities take and don’t take, so some things you want to donate may have to be considered trash.
  • We take donations that we can carry to a local charity (one trip per day), or we can coordinate pickup for larger items. 

We are proud to offer a variety of packages suitable for any size home, lifestyle or budget. Ask about our special Fast Track Packages, competitively priced home organization sessions designed to maximize the true potential of any home or office space.